Window Protection & Security

Sandy Hook 2013
Protected, Protected, Hamden, (CT), US

A lot of what we do was prompted by the Sandy Hook Event. Six minutes after shooting out the front door, 22 children and staff had died. This is today's reality. It is shocking and scary. If DefenseLIte had been installed as it is now, he would not have been able to enter the school and the event would not have happened.

We now protect over 800 doors and windows in Sandy Hook. While it is hard to see, this school entrance actually has DefenseLite on it. We bonded our panels directly to the door skins in this case, and used white edge banding to blend with the doors. It is "virtually invisible" as we do not want schools to look like armed camps.

It is also worthy of note that the air space we create with DefenseLite between the security shield and the glass adds an iinsulating layer that reduces interior sound levels. This is is a real benefit for a learning environment.