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Residential series coming soon!
Residential Series

Patio doors, are our favorite access to our relaxation space and a burglars favorite entrance to your home. Its easy. A simple metal punch reduces the glass  to rubble in seconds. Its a nice big opening too for intruders to take your stuff away.

Even though everyone knows that this is the most vulnerable aspect of your castle there is no protection for it. A burlgar does not care if you lock and bar it. He is going through the glass, and we are going to do something about that. Inexpensively too.

The problem is that the sliding glass doors still have to work. In order to accomodate that need, we will be bonding our DefenseLite shields to the outside of one panel and the inside of the other. The doors and slding windows will still work  You won't really notice it, but the intruder will, only after he tries to break in, and fails.

Its coming!...and soon. Its time. I posted a video here that shows how vulnerable the glass is, thanks Crazy Floyd.