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H.P. White Lab Test Video
Forced-entry testing

We conducted testing at the H.P White Lab. They specialize in forced-entry testing. I have not posted all of the tests here, but they were all successful. We did five one-minute tests with a heavy steel pipe, a claw hammer, a fire extinguisher, a kick test, and then we shot at it with a 9 mil gun. No entry was possible in any of the tests, even though the testing was sequential. We have all of the reports.

I have posted this photo which was taken after all of the tests. The only time that the glass broke was when we shot at it. This was not our BulletShield version. The tester though when he reported to his boss, mentioned that even though he made holes with the gun, he said "I did everything I could to break it ,and even after the shots, I could not even get my finger in, it works."

We say "No entry No harm."