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In a world gone mad we now have to contend with Ballistic Security as well as forced-entry. All DefenseLite systems keep bad guys out, but now but we need to keep bullets out as well.The problem with all other systems is that they are horrendously expensive, which is why so few of the people who need it, have it. There is a place for a system that is actually affordable, and that works. That is where we come in. BulletShield is offered in several forms. Here then, is our Bullet Shield Series.

Bullet Shield: 500, (.5") for 9 mil, 45. cal, This series is also used for containment in the justice system.
BulletShield: 750, (.75") for DOJ level 3,
BulletShield: 1250, (1.25") up to level 5.

We also have an advanced series for higher threat levels. These include combinations of our shields both inside and outside in the following forms: 1000, 2000 (which recently stopped AK 47 rounds), and 2500 for ultimate security.

 At a recent tactical show, after having been beaten repeatedly with hammers, the BulletShield 750 system was shot at 46 times. The only rounds that passed though was from an AR 15. which this particular system was not intended to defeat. The Shooter mentioned that despite the penetration, an armed attacker could not have entered the building, defeating his intent. They tried to blow it up (unsuccessfully) with Det Cord and eventually C4 which only blew off the framing! The story is on the BulletShield Blog and the blog video.

We not only stop forced-entry, but armed-entry as well. All BulletShield systems are abrasion resistant, for long life, and as with all of our systems virtually invisible.

We have recently certified our BulletShield 1250 and our combination of 750/500 for UL Level 3 (.44MAG). In addition we also continuously test various combinations of our Shields some of which are at public live fire exercises for the NY State police, SWAT and anti-terrorist squads, amongst others. The results are all positive and we have the test results up to Level  7/8. Just ask.

US Patent 9,790,735 B2


All Impact Security products perform as shown, and demonstrated at

Note: While we are able in many cases  to keep the original glass from breaking, that is not the Defenselite mission. Our intent is to keep intruders out ("No Entry No Harm"). We cannot predict what an intruder may attempt. We try to create enough of a stand-off between the panel and the glass to keep the Shield from contacting the glass, breaking it. Doors are a particular problem because the Shield is very close to the glass and breakage is likely. However,so long as the inruder stays out, our mission intent has been accomplished. We buy time for the occupants of the building, allowing them to wait out the attack until authorities can arrive. And we do it better than anyone else. We test for very extreme circumstances. Generally if the glass does break DefenseLIte is likely still intact, so the envelope is not breached, and it will not need to be boarded up as would be necessary with glass.

BulletShield is generally rather thick so it does not flex as much as DefenseLIte. It is better at keeping the glass from breaking although the disclaimer above still stands.BulletShield is also abrasion-resistant and although care must be taken to clean it with a soft cloth and dish detergent. It is then rinced and allowed to air dry.  it the AR coating helps to mitigate scratching. We are also able to place Shields inside, which elimates the potential for window washers to scratch the Shields but in these cases the glass will certainly break, but it still meets our mission statement.