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School Security

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We have protected over 800 doors and windows in the Sandy Hook region. That school massacre was over in about 6 minutes. The assailant simply walked up, shot out the glass in the door, and did the deed. Something needed to be done to stop such heinous crimes. DefenseLite was created to address the need. our motto is: "NO entry NO harm".

Homeland Security reports that the average response time for police is 22 minutes. If the gunman is inside for 22 minutes there is little chance of escape, and a lot of time for harm. He still needs to be found which takes even longer. If he can't get in, the situation changes dramatically. Escape is not needed if the gunman is outside. Students and staff can simply stay in place. Our BulletShield systems cope with armed-intrusion threats and can co-exist with DefenseLite. We buy time for students and staff allowing first responders to arrive, better than anyone else. We are now active all across the US.,in protecting all forms of educational institutions.

We have made Defenselite "virtually invisible". This is important because we do not want our schools to look like armed camps. DefenseLite is bonded to the building using our Defenselite Super Bond. No mechanical fasteners are needed. Installation is fast, and quiet. DefenseLIte also reduces the interior sound levels, which is a huge benefit for schools. It also reduces HYVAC costs. It is simply the world's least expensive, and most effective form of school security.


Note: While we are able to keep the original glass from breaking, that is not the mission of DefenseLite. Our mission is to keep intruders out. We try to create enough of a stand-off between the panel and the glass to keep the Shield from contacting the glass and breaking it. Doors are a particular problem because the Shield is very close to the glass and breakage is likely. However,so long as the intruder stays out, our mission'ís intent has been accomplished. We buy time. We either stop the attempt, or delay it enough for responders to arrive. So far, no intruder has successfully breached DefenseLite. We test for very extreme circumstances, as can be seen in our videos. Generally if the glass does break, DefensLIte is likely still intact, so the envelope is not breached, and it will not need to be boarded up immediately as would be necessary with glass.

Our Shields are relatively soft which allows them to absorb impacts. However the surface can be scratched by window washers. The system is to be cleaned with soft cloths, and dish detergent, rinced and allowed to air-dry. We do have optional protective coatings to protect the panels including ShieldGard an inexpensive acrylic sheet that can be replaced if needed. Acrylic is a harder material which mitigates scratching.In this case a little care goes a long way.