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We protect Doors

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Entrances and glass are a building's most vulnerable area. Glass can be shattered in seconds with a simple metal punch. If an intruder tries to breach a DefenseLite protected door, they will leave empty-handed. It's just not worth it when there are so many other opportunities. Our UV coated security Shields are not just "virtually invisible", but unbeakable.They cannot be pushed in even if the glass breaks, and it cannot be pried out. It is designed to keep the bad guy out. It is much more effective than cameras, alarms that do not stop the attempt. It is also less expensive than most other forms of security. We currently protect the entrances of many chain stores, malls, and commercial enterprises. To date all forced-entry attempts have failed when DefenseLite is in place.

We will soon release a Residential Series. Patio doors for example are extremely vulnerable and there is currently no solution to keep an intruder from breaching them, with alarming speed. This new series will remedy that, and will also be effective for hurricanes, hail and golf balls. All doors and windows will operate as normal.

DefenseLite is virtually invisible so that it does not affect the curb appeal of the store or the building.Bars and gates create an adverse atmosphere. With DefenseLite, security and police have an unobstructed view into the building which is a huge advantage.

Defenselite's Super Bond System, replaces or augments mechanical fasteners. Our system arrives as a pre-engineered kit . DefenseLite systems adapt to most window and door types. We try to create as much of a stand-off distance as possible beteen the glass and our Shields to reduce the potential for the glass to break. What we are acutally protecting is the building envelope, the people and the contents; not the glass itself. In many cases the glass does remain intact.The Shields are flexible which is essential in absorbing impacts,from a forced-entry attempt. If the Shield flexes ehough to hit the glass, it is possible that the glass might break. DefenseLite is designed to remain in place however, and it remains intact. "NO entry NO harm" When applied to doors the stand-off space is minimal and the glass is likely to break but the intruder stays out. That is the intent. The air space between the Shield and the glass adds an insulating layer and also reduces interior noise levels. Our nation-wide installers perform the work quickly and quietly whether the building is occupied or not.


All DefenseLite products will perform as shown in our test materials,and on our web site. No other claims are implied. Warranties are described on our web site.

Note: While we are able to keep the original glass from breaking, that is not the mission of DefenseLite. Our intent is to keep intruders out. We try to create enough of a stand-off between the panel and the glass to keep the Shield from contacting the glass and breaking it. Doors are a particular problem because the Shield is very close to the glass and breakage is likely. However,so long as the inruder stays out, our intent has been accomplished.  We test for very extreme circumstances as can be seen in our videos. We protect the building envelope, the occupants and the contents, not the glass. Generally if the glass does break DefenseLIte is likely still intact, so the envelope is not breached, and it will not need to be boarded up immediately as would be necessary with glass.

Our Shields are relatively soft which allows them to absorb impact. However the surface can be scratched by window washers. The system is to be cleaned with soft cloths, and dish detergent, rinced and allowed to air-dry. We do have protective coatings to protect the panels including ShieldGard an inexpensive acrylic sheet that can be replaced if needed. Acrylic is a harder material which mitigates scratching.