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DefenseLite,(patents pending), currently protects over a thousand openings throughout the USA. Our job is to keep intruders out, and we have in all cases. DefenseLite is custom-engineered security that works, and it is "virtually invisible". It bonds over the existing glass using our DefenseLite Super Bond system and our unique aluminum frames that create an air space between the Shield and the glass we protect. It can now be applied either inside the building, or on the exterior depending on the best application for the location. Inside deployment is suiutable in colder climates as it can be installed under all conditions.

In order to allow for an internal install, we created ShieldLok, a two piece trim module that allows us to add self-tapping screws to augment our Defenselite Super Bond. The slim dome hides the stainless steel hardware. and adds additional support when the forced-entry attempts force the Shield away from the structure. This dynamic is very differerent from an exterior mount. In most cases we are able to fasten through our Shields and into our aluminum framing system to avoid drilling holes in the structure. Testing of this new system has shown it to be very effective even in the most extreme conditions. We stress DefenseLite to ultimate levels. We use sledgehammers, axes, spikes and explosives on our test units. We have found that ShieldLok is also very effective when placed on our external installs. We made it attractive and easy to install.

Every installation uses DefenseLite Super Bond, a very-high-bond tape system unique to DefenseLite. We recently lab-tested it in Europe where it surpassed the best of all similar systems. Its grip is the ultimate in adhesion, and its elastomeric core allows it to absorb shock, and to allow the flexibility that is inherent in all our designs, (we bend, but do not break). This is quite different from glass which appears to be strong but it is very brittle. Our Shields are 250 times stronger than glass, half the weight, and they do not break nor shatter..We create a stand-off distance between our Shields and the existing glass with our sprecial hidden framing systems. The stand-off is normally sufficient for the Shield to be able to flex under impactwithout hitting the original glass. While glass breakage is not the main objective it is a desirable trait. Our mission is to protect the occupants, and contents not the glass. However we do accomlish that often as well.

The air space we create,insulates, reducing HYVAC costs and it reduces interior sound levels. All Shields are UV treated. Installation is fast, quiet, and we do not void any warranties. When it comes to aesthetics, we offer a varied menu of trim pieces to blend Defenselite with the building manking it "virtually invisible" We are often asked about "fogging" which is something we have not exterienced to date, because we seal the opening and add a "moisture control" tube (space permitting) that is a breatheable system containing absorbtive dessicant.

Cameras may record a break-in attempt but they do not stop the intruder,(which is our intent). Alarm systems alert the police but according to Homeland Security the average response time is 22 minutes. No other system keeps the intruder at bay long enough for police to arrive, (22 minutes is an eternity when harm is being done). We buy time.

While glass is easily breached, DefensLite is not. DefenseLite is half the weight and 250 times stronger than the glass we protect., DefenseLIte is a pre-engineered kit. It allows our panels to be installed either to the exterior or the interior, depending on the need. Either way, the intruder normally stays where he belongs - outside. "No entry No harm".


All Impact Security products perform as describes or shown in its test documents and videos on the DefenseLite web site. No other claims are implied.

Note: While we are able to keep the original glass from breaking, that is not the mission of DefenseLite. We keep intruders out. We cannot predict what an intruder may attempt. We try to create enough of a stand-off between the panel and the glass to keep the Shield from contacting the glass and breaking it. Doors are a particular problem because the Shield is very close to the glass and breakage is likely. However,so long as the inruder stays out, our mission has been accomplished. We cannot guarantee that an intruder will not gain entry, We test for very extreme circumstances, but we cannot predict all of the techniques that might be used. Generally if the glass does break DefenseLIte is likely still intact, so the envelope is not breached, and it will not need to be boarded up as would be necessary with glass.

Our Shields are relatively soft which allows them to absorb impacts. However the surface can be scratched by window washers. The system is to be cleaned with soft cloths, and detergent, rinsed and allowed to air-dry. We do have abrasion-resistant coatings to protect the panels including ShieldGard, an inexpensive acrylic sheet that can be replaced if needed. Acrylic is a harder material which mitigates scratching.